Miss Fae (weetziefae) wrote in theothers,
Miss Fae


In the spirit of living a simpler life, I'm getting rid of things I've never worn. One of these things is an "are you out there" shirt. It's blue, a size medium (real size, not juniors size), and says "are you out there" on the front and on the back: "though the static walls surround me, you were out there, and you found me I was out here listening all the time...-Dar Williams" and has a radio tower behind it. Anyway, I'd love it to go to someone who will wear and enjoy it. I'd love to get $14 OBO (which would include shipping) for it. You can email me at erinfae@mtholyoke.edu. I recently left my job, so $10 pays for half my groceries for a week. It's a good situation. You get a shirt and I can buy butternut squash and tofu and eggs. Yes, a beautiful idea.

Thanks so much for reading
Erin Fae
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