J (therealjae) wrote in theothers,

"Fanfiction" (of a sort) based on the song "Iowa"

I thought at least some of the Dar Williams fans might be interested in this: this past holiday season, I took part in the "Yuletide" annual fanfiction exchange (it basically works like a 'Secret Santa' sort of thing: you write a story that someone else has requested, and you also receive one) and wrote someone's request for the story behind the song "Iowa."

Most of the other stories in the gift exchange are more traditional fanfiction--i.e. about characters from a television show or book or film--but since this story is very much about the narrator in the song, it's also fanfiction, in a way, even though people can read it as an original short story if they want. It's also set in the "West Wing" universe (but there are no characters from that show in it).

It's called "A Great and Gruesome Height."
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