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You know you're an obsessed Dar fan when...

You burst into song upon meeting someone from Iowa
You clap and cheer everytime you hear the word "babysitter"
You have been to Spring Street
You are a fan of at least one other bands/artist that you wouldn't have heard about if it hadn't been for Dar
You taught yourself to play guitar with one or more of her songs
You have asked your dad if you can be a Pagan
You bought (and read!) both of the Amalee books, even though you are over 25 years old
You tell people that you were the opposite gender as a child (i.e., if you are female, you say 'when I was a boy')
You don't go to therapy to find out if you're a freak, but you go for a "fifty-minute hour"
When your therapist says "Oh," you say "What, you think I'm angry? Does that mean you think I'm angry?"
You have protested the Treacherous Use of Fur
You want teenagers to kick your butt- unless, of course, they are "Teens For God"
You have called the moon
You went fishing in the morning, and you waded into the ocean in your workboots, and you learned the sea
When you babysit for the neighbor's kids, you dress like a hippy and teach them to make the peace sign

Can anyone think of some more? That's all I can come up with for now.
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