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Apparently no Dar at FRFF this year :(

Here's the FRFF newsletter from Anne Saunders x-posted from the dar-list (emphasis is mine):

Here is a copy of our first FRFF 06 Enewsletter for the list, and unfortunately this is not a Dar year for us, every 2-3 years is tho. Also, will be restarting our discussion group shortly via AOL groups, am starting a sign up via our website shortly since the group we had courtesy of an MIT grad student for several years is no more, Anne


Hello all,

In this issue we have the following SHORT MSG, one many of you have been waiting for:


LIMITED QUANTITIES OF 4 DAY CAMPING AND 4 DAY NO CAMPING TIX at $85 and $60 on sale right now at our toll free, 866 325-2744. Visa and MC accepted. I'm here all week to take your order.

I estimate we will have camping tix avail til this Fri Feb 24 at least and no camping tix a bit longer. There are 400 of each avail at these prices. Don't wait! If you want to send a check, please call first to hold the tix, otherwise we can't guarantee we will still have any left.

Updated info on all prices, dates, deadlines, artists booked so far will be on website shortly. Prices go up 10 bucks in March when earlybird tix sales begin. All other categories of tix also avail at that time.

More info on our new fest home at Dodds Farm on CR 7D in Hillsdale coming, just 5 miles north of the stoplight in center of Hillsdale where Rt 22 and 23 cross. See pic on website at: www.FalconRidgeFolk.com. We will have another pic shortly that has some added text courtesy of our Med Tent Crew Chief Arnie Anderson showing you where camping, mainstage, midway will be located.

Also, info on our spring Preview Tour coming.

It's been crazy here getting our new FRFF home ready, Howard has spent many hours at the Dodds Farm already, fixing roads, making roads more like it, putting in water pipes, clearing scrub, getting started on electric services, transporting and storing all of our vast equipment including the dance floor on site etc.

And just a few of the artists def with us this year include Dan Bern, The Nields, EFO, Buskin & Batteau, The Rowan Brothers, David Massengill, Wild Asparagus, Nightingale, Lowen & Navarro, some others very close to confirming as well.

Thanks and Happy ALMOST END of Winter to all, Anne

Anne Saunders

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
Always on the fourth weekend in July
18 years of Folk Music & Dance in the Berkshires July 20, 21, 22, 23, 2006 AT OUR NEW LOCATION - DODDS FARM
44 CR 7D, Hillsdale, NY
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